A postsecondary educator and leader, I am a highly involved and motivated employee who leads by example and naturally inspires others to get involved. I enjoy working on cross-departmental projects, building mentor/mentee relationships with employees of all levels, and developing new programs and workshops. I particularly enjoy working with new-to-college students, and I love being a part of their early growth and development.

  • Known for working on cross-departmental projects and exemplifying influential leadership
  • Demonstrated experience managing projects and developing workshops for both students and faculty
  • Excels at networking, building relationships, and strategically thinking



FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY, WINTER PARK, FL                                                         2008-PRESENT

First Term Initiatives Manager, Full Sail University                                           2016- Present


  • Creates a culture of teamwork and integrity by empowering employees to participate in the decision-making process and to consult each other on grade alignment, student feedback, and course updates.
  • Manages and develops the professional growth of thirty-four employees.
  • Coaches and develops faculty and staff through workshops, courses, and one-on-one meetings.


  • Co-developed a Networking Incubator program for faculty and staff to increase cross-departmental collaboration and communication.
  • Prepares and presents monthly media lectures and online synchronous learning events.
  • Developed a Student Leadership Academy program for online and on-campus students.


  • Analyzes and reports data to Education Directors to support course outcomes and the development of student programs.
  • Strategically executes programs and presentations focused on academic persistence.
  • Evaluates assignment submission rates and final grade reports for evidence of successful curriculum and student outreach efforts.

 Associate Course Director                                                                                      2013-2016


  • Provide a learning experience for students that involves instructor – lead discussion, videos, demonstrations, and hands-on activities.
  • Develop curriculum and manage course material for 50 -100 first month students.
  • Co-developed a training program to certify faculty to teach Digital Literacy and Creative Presentation.

Advising and Mentoring

  • Meet with students to discuss career plans, study strategies, and course progress.
  • Guide adjunct faculty on course-related issues, including how to grade assignments, implementing demonstrations in an online setting, and how to handle escalated student issues.


  • Introduce digital communication tools to develop computer, institutional information and interpersonal literacies in a collaborative learning environment.
  • Prepare and present lectures on a weekly basis in a multimedia format such as Keynote, videos, and GoToTraining.

Orientation Manager                                                                                                               2010-2013

  • Helped develop and implement monthly orientation workshops for new students.
  • Presented on behalf of the education department at the “Welcome to Campus” event.
  • Instructed the Time/Life/Money Management workshop that was presented to all new students.
  • Organized staffing schedules for all orientation events.
  • Worked with staff to develop new workshops to be offered during student orientation.

 Senior Student Advisor/Student Advisor/Assistant Student Advisor                           2008-2010

  • Supervised four other Student Advisors and would assist with escalated issues.
  • Oversaw three different degree programs, which included 850 students.
  • Managed the student work-study program in the Education Department.
  • Presented the Full Sail Education Policy for 500+ students on a monthly basis.
  • Implemented a 21st Birthday Program, which gave free movie tickets to students who turned 21 to promote a safe 21st

Awards & Honors

  • PROPS Award for Community 2013, Full Sail University
  • PROPS Award for Exemplifying the Guiding Principles and Unwavering Commitment to Excellence 2014, Full Sail University
  • Extraordinary Merit for Embodying a Spirit of Innovation 2014, Full Sail University
  • Exemplary Leadership in 2014, Full Sail University
  • Navigator School Leadership Development Program 2015, Full Sail University
  • Dedication to the Blue Sky Mission 2015, Full Sail University
  • Full Sail Leadership Academy Graduate 2015, Full Sail University
  • Pilot Award 2015, Full Sail University