Learning Skills In The 21st Century

Katie teaches a monthly workshop titled “Learning Skills In The 21st Century” that encourages students to rethink the way they study. Students discuss their previous study habits and learn new methods to create triggers that help them recall information. This workshop also uses web 2.0 tools to display different tools that can be used to help with studying.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

S.M.A.R.T. Goals is a monthly workshop taught by Katie that reinforces the importance of setting goals.  Students learn how to effectively write goals using the S.M.A.R.T. model. A portion of this workshop is hands-on where students spend time writing out their goals and sharing them with fellow students.

Best Practices for Teaching Online and On Campus

The Best Practices for Teaching Online and On-Campus workshop is designed for hybrid teachers to share best practices.   The workshop also shares methods for staying organized and keeping class materials fresh when switching between teaching on campus and online.

Mentoring Students Outside The Classroom

Katie designed and hosted a Mentoring Students Outside The Classroom workshop that fostered a conversation regarding best practices of mentoring online and on-campus students.  Faculty members also brainstormed ways that they could adopt a mentoring approach outside their classroom.

Leadership Agility

Katie facilitates Leadership Agility, which is one of six courses offered in an elite leadership program.  Leadership Agility covers three topics with one common thread. The common thread is leadership agility. In this course, participants learn how to develop these key skills to boost team performance.

Speed Networking

Speed Networking is an event that Katie co-developed and facilitates. During this event, participants are given a template to help guide them through meaningful discussions. Participants are given insight on how they can continue to grow their network and make connections with other staff and faculty.  This event has already seen the results of these connections through promotions and job assignments from participants who have attended this event.