Digital Literacy

For over two years Katie taught Digital Literacy. This course offered a fundamental understanding of the critical and practical aspects of digital tools, technologies, and resources. Students learned how to navigate, evaluate, create, and critically apply information by using a wide variety of digital technologies. Through applying their knowledge to their academic studies and professional development, students recognized digital literacy’s significance in information sharing, community building, citizenship, and education.

Digital Literacy Training

Katie co-authored and taught a training course that all faculty members had to take to be eligible to adjunct for Digital Literacy. This training required adjunct faculty to complete multiple student assignments, and learn about the course through an educational video created by the Digital Literacy training team

Creative Presentation

Katie co-authored and teaches Creative Presentation. This course has been designed so that students learn the foundations of oral communication by building and delivering presentations of their own. Through this guided process, students learn to effectively utilize visual storytelling techniques, create meaningful content, and apply lessons from myths and movies to shape the audience’s journey. Multiple learning activities allow students to creatively develop and analyze the core aspects of presentation, including audience, delivery, message, and the visual story.

Leadership Agility

Katie was selected to co-author and teach a course that is used for an elite Leadership program, Leadership Agility. Leadership Agility is an online course that uses a hybrid instructional method to teach emotional intelligence theories and how to lead teams effectively. This course is a four-week module that is online and has a live component.