Review: Live2Lead Leadership Event

Recently I attended a simulcast of the Live2Lead half-day leadership development event hosted by Full Sail University.  The guest speakers included Pat Lencioni, John Maxwell, Valorie Burton, and Kevin Turner. Each of the speakers had a resume that one can only get from time, perseverance, and experience.  I consider myself lucky that I was able to sit in a room full of leaders while listening to such inspiring individuals.  Patrick Lencioni kicked off the event with insight from his new book, The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business. He touched on the two requirements for success:

  1. Organizational Health- meaning removing politics and confusion from an organization.
  2. Smarts-pointing out everyone is smart now (thanks, Google), which is very different than how it was before the growth of the digital age.

Patrick says health is what really creates a strong company. These four attributes are what can create a healthy environment:

  • Build a Cohesive Team
  • Create Clarity
  • Over-Communicate Clarity
  • Reinforce Clarity

What I really liked about his message was that he paired his new philosophies with his very popular, Dysfunctions of a Team.  I haven’t read his newest release yet, but you can bet I’ve already placed my order for it on Amazon.

John Maxwell spoke about his latest release, Intentional Living.  The concept is simple, yet for so many of us, the practice it isn’t.  The main theme of his talk was “DO IT NOW!” I’m not sure if John Maxwell or Shai LaBeouf came up with the concept first, but either way, points go to Maxwell for not just yelling his message and actually giving practical applications that can be applied so that you can live an intentional life. This is the book you want to gift to someone who talks about creating or doing something and never follows through.  It’s inspirational and would give them the spark to “DO IT NOW!”

Valorie Burton discussed the difference between a set mindset and a growth mindset. She emphasized the importance of being happy, focusing on the positive, and not allowing yourself to have irrational thoughts. She challenged the audience, and I’ll pass the challenge on to all of you. The next time you start to think of the “worst case scenario” allow yourself to think of “the best case scenario.” Valorie also talked about the difference between hope and having a positive outlook.

Last, but certainly not least, we had the opportunity to watch John Maxwell interview, Kevin Turner, the COO at Microsoft.  John asked him questions regarding integrity, the importance of giving up control, and how to connect with employees.

This is just a very brief glimpse into what these experienced experts discussed. I highly recommend you read the books that you feel like you would benefit the most from.

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