Katie Ross is a systematic thinker who finds joy in developing programs that provide people with professional growth opportunities. She has assisted in the development of programs such as Leadership Agility, Student Leadership Academy, New Student Orientation, Networking Incubator, Flight School, and many more. She had a series published in the newspaper that focused on helping parents understand the dynamics of the college environment. With over ten years of experience in higher education, Katie is frequently sought out for career-mapping and networking advice within her field. She currently leads a team of fifteen employees, and oversees one of the most important courses in a new student’s collegiate journey. Full Sail University awarded Katie with the Props award in 2013 & 2014, the Embodying a Spirit of Innovation award in 2014, the Exemplary Leadership award in 2015, and the Pilot award in 2015.

Most importantly, Katie provides education and tools to help people thrive by teaching the actions that lead to growth. Through coaching, workshops, and course development, Katie is dedicated to helping students and professionals grow their connections and capabilities.

Katie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from University of Central Florida and a Master of Arts degree in Education Media Design and Technology from Full Sail University. She enjoys traveling, drinking coffee, and long car rides with her husband.